• Are these chemicals legal?

  Yes, all listed chemicals are completely legal in jurisdictions where me maintain our warehouses. Please be sure to double-check current laws in your country or seek official legal advice before importing. Please understand that it is impossible for us to keep track of the current laws in all jurisdictions we might ship to. Hence, as a rule of thumb, we will always assume your familiarity with local laws.

  • When will you dispatch my order?

  Usually within 48 hours, if not stated otherwise in a product description. You will receive an auto-message the moment your order goes out. If your shipping method comes with a tracking number, we will update you with it later (usually within the next 48 hours). We dispatch orders in bulk at least 3 times a week.

  • I want to place an order with you, but I’m worried about my privacy.

  Our servers are located outside of EU and US jurisdictions. We will never share or disclose your personal data with a third party and we will regularly wipe information regarding old orders, or instantly wipe all available data and communication related to your person upon request.

  • This still doesn’t sound safe enough…

  To keep an absolute privacy with a zero risk of your data leaking or getting into wrong hands, we can maintain all communication with you through PGP (learn more about it here). Download our PGP Public key here. Alternatively, you can use a temporary messenger service like temp.pm. Your order won’t go through normal shop check-out and we will process it manually without storing your data anywhere. And you can make a payment with Bitcoin, which is always preferred anyway!

  • What if I don’t receive my order?

  If your order gets mishandled by a postal service and becomes lost as a result, we can offer you a one-time reship or refund in some cases. Please read the Delivery and Refunds articles for more detailed information.

 If your order is stopped by customs, we will provide you with any needed documentation for it’s successful release upon your request. However, we won’t be able to assist you in the matter when it turns out your order included products deemed illegal to be purchased or imported in your jurisdiction. Again, please always double-check your country’s current laws before placing an order with us.

  • What is your returns policy?

  Due to the nature of our products and out of safety considerations, we can not and will not accept ANY kind of returns, including undelivered packages sent back to us by a postal service. All orders are considered final after they’re dispatched. Read more about refunds here.

  • I’m interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of a chemical you have in stock.

  We are able to make you a wholesale offer for some of the currently listed chemicals. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in a bulk purchase.





  • We currently offer these shipping methods:
    • FREE Standard (regular mail, no tracking, no reship, no signature required)
    • Registered (with online tracking, possible reship, requires signature)
    • EMS (with online tracking, possible reship, requires signature)
  • Please note that we we will not provide a reship or refund for orders shipped via FREE Standard (Regular) mail. Choose this shipping option only on your own risk.
  • We will also NOT reship or refund Registered or EMS orders in these cases:
    • Provided shipping address was not full or was incorrect.
    • Provided shipping name seemed to be fake. We might ask you to provide a proof of the contrary before reshipping.
    • Online tracking states the package was successfully delivered.
    • Online tracking states the package is “Undeliverable”.
    • Online tracking states the package got deposited at a postal office close to your location.
    • Online tracking states the package got deposited at a postal office close to your location and later shipped back to us due to not being picked up in time.
    • Online tracking states the package is at “Customs office” or “Sorting facility”. It is your duty to get it touch with Customs or local Postal service in order to clear the package.
    • Online tracking states “Package is not found” 75 days after being shipped out or later.
  • We will reship Registered or EMS orders in all cases not mentioned above.
  • All orders are usually dispatched within 48 hours after a confirmed payment!

Average transit times for *FREE Standard* and *Registered* shipment:

Europe: 4 – 12 days, USA: 5 – 13 days, Asia and rest: 7 – 20 days

Average transit times for *EMS* shipment:

Europe: 2 – 7 days, USA: 4 – 10 days, Asia and rest: 5 – 15 days

* Please understand that these are only estimates based on our experience and there is always a possibility of delays caused by postal carriers. Please allow at least 30 days in all cases before we can mark the shipment as lost and offer you a reship where applicable.

* If your order was still not delivered after 30 days in transit and is eligible for reship or refund, please contact us as soon as possible. Claims made later than 75 days after your order has been shipped out won’t be taken into consideration because it’s full details including related correspondence will get automatically purged from our servers at that point.

* We can not accept domestic orders from Czech Republic. All our products are intended for export only.






  • At the moment we can accept payments with Bitcoin, Euro Bank Wires (SEPA) and Amazon Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards come with a +25% surcharge to the order’s total.
  • On the other hand, payments made with Bitcoin are fast, secure and carry no transaction fees! Learn more about Bitcoin here
  • SEPA Bank Wires usually reach us in 1-2 working days. If you still don’t receive an email confirmation after 3 working days, please drop us a message.

Simply choose your preferred payment method on Check-out:


  We have a real-time payment gateway for Bitcoin transfers compatible with phone wallets (QR friendly). you will receive an automated email update right after payment is confirmed in blockchain network (usually within few minutes). Please make sure to transfer an exact amount quoted in Bitcoin within 2 hours, otherwise we won’t get notified about the payment. In this case, please contact us so we can confirm your transfer manually.

EURO Bank Wires (SEPA)

  We can accept Bank Wires in EUR currency and originating from within EU. Bank wires might take 1-2 working days to reach us – if you still don’t receive a confirmation after 3 working days, please contact us with your payment details.

Amazon Gift Cards

  We can accept both physical and virtual Amazon Gift Cards (which can be set to custom value and purchased directly from Amazon website with your Credit Card. Please select this option on Check-out to see a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with it. The down-side to this payment method is a +25% surcharge we have to force on it due to the high fee of transferring Amazon Credit to cash.






  • Returns

  Due to the nature of our products, we unfortunately can not offer you a refund or exchange option by default. The only allowed cases are where there have been a clear mistake on our part. For example if you received a different than ordered product or the product clearly doesn’t match advertised description.

  The usual route to take in these cases is to contact us at [email protected] and describe the issue. We will promptly get back to you and offer a solution.

  • Items lost in transit

  If your product is lost in transit and it has been covered by a guaranteed (tracked) delivery, we will offer you a reship or refund free of charge except in cases specifically mentioned on the Delivery FAQ page.

  On the other hand, by choosing a non-covered (untracked) delivery, you agree to take all associated risks on yourself – we can not offer a reship or refund for items lost in transit in these cases.

  • Bulk or custom orders

  Please note that we can not refund custom or bulk orders paid in advance in case of it requiring us to acommodate a special arrangement related to your order, including but not limited to supplying a product or quantity not offered on our website by default.

  Bulk or custom order constitutes any deal we agree upon which couldn’t be otherwise simply ordered through our website check-out system or any product which is specifically described / advertised as a custom product.

  • Refund methods

    Refunds can be made in a form of Store Credit Code, Bitcoin transfer or SEPA Bank Wire. Unfortunately we can not issue a refund with an Amazon Gift Card even if one was used as a payment method for the refunded order. We also can not process refunds with any other payment methods not mentioned above.

  • Donations

    Please note that all donations made through our website are final and non-refundable in all cases.






  • Quality control

  All our chemicals are produced by long-established professional labs with spotless history of quality control. We maintain a minimum requirement of chemical purity of at least 98 % and we regularly rotate fresh batches of chemicals with oxidation or degradation tendencies.

  We would never list a chemical in which we won’t be confident enough to use in our own research.

  • Chemical analysis and reagent tests

  Before listing a product we will always send it for an independent GC/MS analysis to a third party lab. On top of that, we perform and publish seven different reagent tests of these chemicals for your reference.

  We also strongly recommend to always perform your own reagent testing as a first step before including any new chemical in your research.






  • Legal status of chemicals

  All products offered on our website are legal under applicable current laws and regulations in our jurisdiction. We always strive to promote responsible research endeavors and don’t support any kind of misuse of our products.

  All of the listed and offered products are meant strictly for theoretical research, chemical reference, forensic, or collection purposes. Under no circumstances they are meant for any kind of in vivo research, including research performed on animals, or human consumption.

  Please understand that it is beyond our power to offer you a legal advice related to the current status of any given product in your state or country. Before placing an order with us, please ALWAYS check current import, drug and pharmaceutical laws with your local governmental authority.