Hi folks,

as you can see, we were forced to temporarily close-down our store due to the recent law changes (that have been announced to become official tomorrow, just now).

We WILL re-open as soon as we are completely clear on our legal standing and after we make any required adjustments if needed.

Meanwhile, we WILL process all standing orders that don’t contain newly scheduled molecules (and refund those that do). We will also keep providing email support as usual. Please get in touch with us on [email protected] in case of any issues or questions you might have.

We are NOT closing down until there is literally no place in the world we can continue to do our work. Whatever comes. Promise.

In the worst case scenario we are all ready to move to one of the less restrictive and more liberal countries.

Please do not panic, but have a bit of patience. We WILL fulfill all of our current obligations and won’t leave anybody hanging.

Stay well as always,