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Hi folks,

it is now possible to pre-load your account with funds for a future use, which might be especially beneficial for people who do not use Bitcoin.

Paying with pre-loaded funds is immediate – you won’t have to wait 1-2 days which is the case with SEPA transfers (or even longer with international transfers), or wait for us to confirm your GC payment.

It might be also beneficial to people who usually pay via international bank wire by cutting bank fees for several transfers.

You can pre-load funds after logging in -> My Account -> Account Funds. This can be done via all available payment methods. Remaining balance can be withdrawn at any time via SEPA bank wire or Bitcoin.

Stay well,

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4 thoughts on “Account Funds

  1. thomas.schultes2007 says:

    hey folks!

    so here’s my first review of today:

    the first and only researching i did today was with my (loved of last time) 5MethylEthylone (not too much things at the same time – just chill and take it easy and everything slowly – i have time a whole month :-) ) :

    So before ordering this (for me) NEW RC – i just knew the “normal” Ethylone of huge other Vendors – some good, some not so good, some just anything but Sure NO Ethylone hahaha :-) – but to Ethylone from CS i write in a nother review – i asked for a sample with my last order – by the way the weight of the sample last time was about 0,5 g. And – just AS ALWAYS – Ian did it (thank you guy :-) ).

    The purity of this product from THIS site (i work a few months together with Ian and his crew) is just one word: AMAZING!
    i became my order and because last time the sample was so great i startet my first chemical test at about 9:30 (in the “morning”). The result until now shows that this seems to be a very very strong stimulant of the amphetamine-family with same very strong amphe-like effects with an entactogen (not EMPATHOgen) side-effect-results and it seems to have a very long half-life. (now it’s 17:45 evening and the effect still holds on on my probandic stuff – of course NO humans!!!!).
    i was so fascinated of the strong purity and effects of the products that i ordered 5 g of it. And i’m more than REALLY SURE that it’s enough for a whole month until my next (monthly) order. because the powerful and long holding on test-results with (just) the sample wer’re so damn GREAT!!!
    So for everyone who is researching in this area with this kind of effect-showing products it’s just a MUST HAVE i think and absolutely worth it. so the cost-effectiveness is absolutely ok for this (again i just MUST say it) – nearly a hundret % pure very very strong entactogen stimulant/euphoriant/cathinone (???)-derivat (that will – i hope so – NOT will be misused by young people for making party because the speed-like and a little-MD(M)A-like effect where you can buy a gram for 30 euro (and have – because of the purity) – a very long half-lifed “drug” in a form where you need max. 0,2 – 0,3 g to have a whole night-speed-MDMA-love-drug-substitute for cheap money anyway for5 parties not just for ONE! – and get UNRETURNABLE SICK in one year! so PLEASE DON’T MISUSE THIS RC as a drug (this goes out to the younger people – the older and REAL chemists know it anyway and would never do such a – maybe – fatal fault!)

    But for Researching – amazing stuff and what i thik about Ian and the whole CS-Crew i wrote in my previus comment :-)

    greez and good researching folks! -)

  2. thomas.schultes2007 says:

    hey folks!

    i got (like every month) my new order today and after testing/researching with the ordered products i will write some reviews about them again.

    but first i have to say that i agree completely with “john_adair”! i’m not as so long in the researching area as him but afew years (5 i think) are it now and i have seen them all, too (the vendors, products, fail-orders because of sam-sites etc….) but Ian and CS stand against of all the other vendors with their products in all facts/areas – doesen’t matter if it belongs to the purity of the products (i can FEEL WELL when i’m saying almost a 100 %). there are some vendors who offer a hundret and more of products, blends (what you can make yourself much better) and non-sense-“RCs”…..only JUST to make money more and more and more. when you work in this area you are able to tell apart (only by viewing the site) if the vendor is a scam or “produces” some non-sense-blends and mixtures where you can smell miles away that they do that things only to give some (almost young) people CHEAP DRUGS (we all know that long-life-studies of RCs don’t exist) while taking them they can get extremely sick and just poison their boy in an unknown way. i say: FUCK YOU!!!!
    But if working together with Ian and CS you can be sure that their REAL and ONLY intention to produce RCs is that they just like to support REAL chemists only for RESEARCHING! of course- they don’t have as much products as other vendors. but for my opinion they pick up a few (i think what CS likes most) and just optimize their products for real good RC-Results. they don’t fill you up with a hundrets of chemicals and blends in every single way. and the fact, that Ian and CS had the idea to produce benzos as blotters AS THE FIRST vendor shows the intellegence and the intention of the guys: stealth-sending, very fast, descrete and VERY safe delivery in record-time in every single order i place, purity (of just a few – but for MY research the best RCs – and anyway for every research-area they have something for anyone) almost to a 100 %. Ian and the whole Chemical-Story-Crew rule! i will be a truly customer forever (they exist :-) )!!!!

    greez th.

  3. john_adair says:

    Have to say having been researching for quite a few years 10+
    Ive tried it all and i still love the fact it only gets better
    Ive tried alot of vendors and alot of products in this period
    Ive been using CS for 6months
    I will not be looking elsewhere
    There products are excellent the whole service is top notch
    From placing an order to receiving that order i cant fault CS
    From someone who has been researching a very long time
    This is actually my first review of a vendor
    100% a happy man
    IAN you are doing a great job you have got everything right
    Brilliant products great service you can give yourself a pat on the back as you thoroughly deserve it
    Look forward to trying out more of your products in the furture
    As well as the stimulants an benzos i have tried an tested an will continue to buy
    everyone you need to try an you will agree
    No bullshit

  4. thomas.schultes2007 says:

    ok folks!
    Ian asked me to write some rewievs about some products i have ordered and tried and tested.
    first i have to say that the purity and the quality of the products from this vendor are amazing high quality!
    so let me do now:

    1. 5-EAPB

    this is one of my favorite products from here. it is so near similar to MDMA that i didn’t believe it as i got it :-) and it belongs to the amphetamin-family. i ordered 5 g at the first order and for my researching i came out for a whole month. i think that says everything. and comparing with other vendors (especially i mean ONE that is really NOT professional and safe and is a scam) shows that CS took the best (exept the 5-MAPB) MDMA analog of all the APBs. and they offer in a great purity! so buying this product would not be a fault – for anyone :-) and about shipping: stealth/arriving max. 10 days at my house/price-qualitiy-comparing/package very descrete – 10/10/10/10!


    so i knew Ethyl-Hexedrone from another vendor – what waas good anyway – but trying and ordering THIS hex-en was amazing. so damn strong and the whle batch little fine crystals – there’s nothing more to say i think. i orderes again 5 g and i have still 1,8 g of thi product (for info – i became it last month!!!)… the purity makes the researching really funny and SUPER results, because you need such a little of it. for one experiment about 0,2 g- and you have enough for long. and because of shipping: exactly the SAME like 5-EAPB – 10/10/10/10……. buy it if you are interested in researching with this product!

    3. Clonazolam-Blotters

    that the CS team offered the benzoblotters they found as the first vendor to do this in that way. because when you order benzo-BLOTTERS from CS you become it in a letter – and this is so safe that nothing can be safer! and for my opinion clonazolam is (beside flunitrazolam and flunitraZEPAM) the strongst benzo what’s on the RC-market at the moment. and the half-life is until the next day. but be careful – clo(nitra)nazolam comes not so fast as other benzos like 15 to 30 minutes. it takes 45 to 50 minutes until they come turning. so start with small quantity – and if it’s too less you can take more. and as i said to the other products – very safe and stealth/10! after paying it as bankwire (like I do) it takes max. 10 days arriving your house or company!

    4. Etizolam-Blotters

    i think this Benzodiazepine is so famous that i don’t must say too much. it’s 10 x anxiolytic like diazepam.
    i think you could compare it with pyrazolam – but much stronger. and it comes fast – then it TURNS about one hour – in a way you have to feel it that you understand what i mean -and then it goes fast down. and the half-life is not very long. just a few hours. so it is not the right benzo to take everyday….. but offering this Benzo as a blotter is an amazing idea – what CS realized as the first vendor and now other vendors make the same…even with the three benzos CS offers….but from CS you can be SURE that you receive over 99 % purity! but if you’re interested – order it as long as they are available – because they sell very quickly and there is no garantee that they are here in december! and shipping: rhe same like the other products…

    next reviews about Pentylone, 5MethylEthylone, Ethylone, 3-FPM, D-Ketamine, MNA and 4F-MPH come in 10 days when i receive my next order :-)


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