Hi folks, a pleasant regular obligation for myself… Monthly MAPS.org donations report :) November has been a great one (best one so far, perhaps?) – a total of 229.84 EUR have been pledged by our customers to MAPS.org. Hopefully, something great can be achieved with your help! Please check MAPS.org website and decide for yourself […]

Hi folks, as every month, here goes by now a traditional MAPS.org donations report for October. In total our customers have pledged a good amount of 73.46 EUR towards the charity this month. As always – Our sincere thanks to everybody supporting the good cause and humanity’s better future they strive for! We are sincerely […]

Hi folks, it is now possible to pre-load your account with funds for a future use, which might be especially beneficial for people who do not use Bitcoin. Paying with pre-loaded funds is immediate – you won’t have to wait 1-2 days which is the case with SEPA transfers (or even longer with international transfers), […]

Hi folks, due to persisting technical issues with the current Referral system, we’ve been forced to permanently remove it. We fully understand the inconvenience it might bring to some of our active affiliates, yet we are sorry to say there were no other choice in this matter, as the old module became simply unusable with […]

Hi folks, due to the never-ending technical issues we are experiencing with the current referral module, we are going to switch to another one during the upcoming week. Unfortunately this also means that all currently posted referral links will become invalid and will have to be changed. We will personally email and discuss this with […]