Closed 22-24 Nov, 16 Dec-2 Jan

Hi folks,

since few people have already asked, I will go ahead and announce our winter Holiday schedule in advance.

We will be briefly closed (won’t be able to ship out new orders and will provide only limited support) during 22-24th of November.

More importantly though, we will have a winter break starting from 16th of December till 2nd of January.

Please be mindful of the year’s busiest period (for postal workers that is), and place your order well in advance (right about now would be the time, especially for overseas orders).

Considering our previous experience, we can expect transit times in late November and whole of December to be multiplied by 2x and become completely unpredictable.

On the other hand, don’t get crazy with all the Christmas stuff :) Share some quite time with your family or friends. Presents don’t really matter that much.

Be well as always,

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8 thoughts on “Closed 22-24 Nov, 16 Dec-2 Jan

  1. Jay says:

    My order was paid for on the 15th of November. For some reason I haven’t gotten a confirmation for shipping. It is now the 28th of November and I still haven’t received shipment or email confirmation with tracking number. I have sent a couple emails asking about my order but no reply. I know it’s the holidays and things are hectic. Please let me know what is going on the with my order. Thank you.

    • Ian says:


      apologies, we had some mail-server issues right at that time, which explains no confirmation.

      Your order was shipped out on 16th and I’ll forward you tracking details right away.

      Be well,

      • jay says:

        Ian you are a man of your word. Thank you for getting the tracking information to me. And I am so sorry for bugging you about it. Thanks a lot!!!

    • Ian says:


      we’ve shipped out all of today’s orders that have been paid for before the courier came to pick them up.

      If yours wasn’t shipped yet, I’m afraid it will have to wait until 24th, or we can always refund it.

      Be well,

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ian. Appreciate all the outstanding service and top quality research chemicals, I will definately get my orders in nice and early now hope you have a great holiday, best regards :) merry christmas!!

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