DDoS Attack – Update

Hi folks,

we have suffered a DDoS attack during the last few days which made our website unavailable for most of the Thursday and Wednesday.

The attack is now averted, but it has probably affected other services – mainly the Bitcoin gateway and automated emails.

This has surely resulted in some of the payments being not confirmed – PLEASE everybody who has not received an email confirmation after paying with BTC, drop us a message so we can link your payment with your order manually.

No data has been lost and none of our systems have been breached.

We should be good now (I dare anybody who did it to try again), and will ship all standing orders later today or during tomorrow order.

Please have our apologies for the inconvenience. We believe we have now put enough measures in place to prevent similar situation in the future.



So, apparently “ROSKOMNADZOR” (Russian internet censors – kinda like Chinese ones) itself is behind the DDoS attack.

Why exactly is beyond our comprehension.

Ourselves, nor our hosting provider have nothing to do with Russia and they have already blocked our website to fellow Russian researchers quite a while ago.

A need to DDoS something they don’t like and is beyond their reach tells a lot about people working for this loathsome organization (they block porn too).

If you are in a good mood, feel free to say hi to:
[email protected]
. They probably need a hug or two (or maybe some porn).

Stay well,

4 thoughts on “DDoS Attack – Update

  1. John B says:

    Sad desperate fools. Myob is the abbreviation needed for a mass forward of messages to these Russian deralicks. CAn thank you for the great help and wonderful asset you have been for me and everyone at Mind Known Research. .

  2. landlcorp1 says:

    Ian I hope everything goes well with your security. The fact that they went through all that trouble sheds light on the success of this company. It baffles me that they are concerned with a professional company like yours while krocodile is running rampant through their country. Furthermore, lets hope they find somthing more entertaining than harassing reliable vendors.

  3. Tom says:

    Hahaha no offence to all russians but alot of russians ive met are complete douche bags. Full of themselves thinking they were like the king of sonething. The exact type of people who or ruining our world. I dont get why everyone cant just chill out and respect everyone around them and work hard and not be greedy. Shits fucked up. I hate this world… Humans prettt much suck. Research makes life tollerable. Thanks ian at least some people are cool. You seem like an exceptional human being.

    • Ian says:

      Hi Tom,

      I would avoid generalizing, as I’ve met very humble and cool Russians, as well as complete assholes.

      Of course “humble and cool” people usually don’t get to rule the country.

      Which is truth for any government. Hence the non-sense censoring and stupid internet crusades.

      Less free internet = more sheep under your rule.

      Anyway, stay well and don’t vote for douches :)

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