Email server issues – Update

Hi folks,

we are having some mail-server related issues yet again. Automated emails do not go through at all at the moment.

Don’t panic! :)

We are going to fix this asap.

Stay well,

UPDATE: So, it seems that we’ve managed to solve the issue. Confirmation and other automated emails should be delivered as usual.

Please do let us know if you still experience any kind of unexpected anomalies related to this.

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14 thoughts on “Email server issues – Update

  1. MRgeometry says:

    Hey. I paid through amazon gift card so I sent the email with all the info required and still haven’t got any confirmation of payment. Should I give it 2 more days or what?

  2. swirrt.rpg says:

    Good to know about what is going on. Thanks for keeping it clear Ian!

    Another thing I wanted to ask you the last week about your current Hex-En Batch? Hopefully back to the whiter, less odor, crystallised charge from some Sept,
    Hopefully even tough the stressful holiday-season, you get a little bit of Xmas Spirit.

    • Ian says:


      unfortunately we won’t have another batch of this product before the New Year.

      Current one is yellowish and has some odor as you’ve mentioned, however it tested as almost 100% pure Hex-En with no toxic impurities. Differences in appearance are quite normal and are usually caused by a different synthesis route. We wouldn’t sell anything less than 98% pure, but of course I understand why the previous batch was preferred.

      Thank you and have great Holidays! Stay well :)

    • Ian says:

      Please drop us a message after 2 days if there is no response.

      Writing several times a day would have an opposite effect – conversations get moved further up with new messages and it will take longer for us to get to them.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi, are the emails working OK now? I made a payment yesterday but iv not had confirmation yet. Just checking in case you need me to make the payment again. Thanks.

  4. mike says:

    Hi are you still experiencing email trouble.?? Have sent three pm,s but no reply.i hope I’m not being pushy,per haps your just to busy right now.. thanks.

    • Ian says:


      no, it should be working just fine at this moment. Please try to send you message again if you still haven’t received a reply.

      Be well,

  5. samanthalogan38 says:

    Well I for one am extremely relieved and grateful of your knowledge to be able to rectify said technical issue. I was beginning to wonder why i hadn’t received the usual confirmation email of dispatch thanks for the update amd kudos on your technical fixing abilities. Thankyou for your time.
    Stay smart.

  6. valiantsteel says:

    I have sent an email 2 customer service but have not had a response. It is quite possible I’m just impatient.

  7. jaycousins says:

    Thank you for letting me know as have been waiting for my email confirmation reference my transfer. Is an international one and has only been two days so think I’m bit eager anyway, so will check my email after the weekend and contact you if not. Is it the Russians again?! Have they nothing more productive to do with their time, like invading another country. Hope you get it fixed Ian, and keep up the good work.

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