November Report

Hi folks,

a pleasant regular obligation for myself… Monthly donations report :) November has been a great one (best one so far, perhaps?) – a total of 229.84 EUR have been pledged by our customers to

Hopefully, something great can be achieved with your help! Please check website and decide for yourself if this is the cause you want to support. We are sincerely grateful for this opportunity and of course as promised, we are doubling every donation you send through us up to 100 EUR!

Also as usual, order numbers along with pledged amounts are listed below, so we can keep this as transparent as possible without jeopardizing our customers’ privacy:

28456 – 1 EUR
29072 – 1 EUR
29240 – 1 EUR
29713 – 2 GBP (~2.38 EUR)
30430 – 5 EUR
31734 – 3 EUR
32022 – 5 EUR
32301 – 2 EUR
32435 – 8 EUR
32661 – 1 EUR
33737 – 16 USD (~15.15 EUR)
33860 – 5 EUR
33926 – 1 EUR
34044 – 1 EUR
34174 – 1 EUR
34226 – 9 USD (~8.52 EUR)
34345 – 3 EUR
34536 – 53 USD (~50.19 EUR)
34581 – 2 EUR
37351 – 5 EUR
Anonymous – 8.6 EUR
Anonymous – 100 EUR

= 229.84 EUR

+ 229.84 EUR (Our pledge)

TOTAL = 459.68 EUR (0.6261 BTC)

0.6261 BTC sent to: 1MnCMV9DyVdDZWMfjymbLDKv48UKhoXHEz (fetched from )

tx id: cf15858b8fa110229adb7c742e0bad69dd52394bfc6ebe203a2d51f71ddf7fba

Anonymous donations above were made without placing an order through our website or by people who asked to not have their order number mentioned at all.

We do always welcome such donations – you don’t even have to buy anything :) We will still appreciate your good-will towards the mankind’s sanity and make your donation count twice as much!

Thank you all again! Every single cent counts!

See you in January 2017!

Stay well,

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7 thoughts on “November Report

  1. steve Jenkins says:

    Ian I sent you an email and look forward to hearing from you and a lasting business relationship, I have a question not addressed in FAQ re email!

  2. swirrt.rpg says:

    Very impressive, and nice to see a vendor who really supports an excellent, outstanding and important project like this one.

    Further, I hope my order was sent today, status is still at packed. Please, let there be a very, merry christmas ^^ :S

    • swirrt.rpg says:

      Just read the mail that the package is on the way. Ironically, altough we got the busiest time of the year, the tracking site gave me the info, that it may arrive very soon,… sooner then ever before.
      Have the best holidays, see you next year CS! <3

  3. Kenneth says:

    i did pay my order 12;th of december but i hsbe been using the wrong email so i dont know if the order is sent? order id 38768

    • Ian says:


      no worries, we’ve just received your payment and will ship your order our during tomorrow.

      Stay well,

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