Hi folks, a pleasant regular obligation for myself… Monthly MAPS.org donations report :) November has been a great one (best one so far, perhaps?) – a total of 229.84 EUR have been pledged by our customers to MAPS.org. Hopefully, something great can be achieved with your help! Please check MAPS.org website and decide for yourself […]

Hi folks, as every month, here goes by now a traditional MAPS.org donations report for October. In total our customers have pledged a good amount of 73.46 EUR towards the charity this month. As always – Our sincere thanks to everybody supporting the good cause and humanity’s better future they strive for! We are sincerely […]

Hi folks, it is now possible to pre-load your account with funds for a future use, which might be especially beneficial for people who do not use Bitcoin. Paying with pre-loaded funds is immediate – you won’t have to wait 1-2 days which is the case with SEPA transfers (or even longer with international transfers), […]